Going out more in Enfield and not staying indoors

Do you think Enfield places need to be visited more?

What is the need for people to get out more?

How can we encourage more local trips to Enfield places?

These are the questions we are asking here at Enfield Summer, and we will be kicking off with some of the conversations we have had this week about visits in Enfield. If you would like to take part in the discussion, please start by helping us answer the questions above and send your replies to info@enfieldsummer.co.uk or comment below.



Enfield Summer Team



Enfield Summer Team


  1. We are so lucky there is so much going on in Enfield. Websites such as Sophia’s Diary can make it easier to find things to do spefically for familieis. It would be great to gain support, and promote sites like this, as it could have such a positive impact on local business and social benefits too

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